1904 Minnie Manns (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Thursday, November 22, 2018, 23:49 (557 days ago) @ ChrisW

Wow, thanks Chris, didn't know that !

Must admit I don't have much luck using the GRO website. A while back I emailed them as their records don't include some births I've found on FreeBMD (not our area btw). Their automated? reply seemed to infer I was in error and could not be their system at fault; both reality and my findings disagree, that rather put me off using their site.

Only this week an article on the WDYTYA site suggest I was correct all along, and at least now the GRO has admitted some degree of error.

But yes, I must revisit their site, old habits die hard I guess.

Thanks again !

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