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Re Thornitt, wine merchant publican of Banbury,

a quick search finds;

"Mr. A. A. Thornitt', Wine and Spirit Stores, 27 High Street, Banbury"

"In 1918 Mr. Thornitt reported to the committee that fred Harris of Drayton was employed by him to wash bottles at the Vine. He noticed a bag inside a bucket and found it contained two bottles of stout and half a pint of port. Watched by himself and his son-in-law, Mr. Ray Kilby, Harris was seen to take the bag and was apprehended by the Plough Yard. He was prosecuted and convicted."

Don't recall a pub in Banbury called the Vine, but the Market Square had several back when it was an important market town, the Vine Hotel is still there albeit not in business of course, part of the Corn Exchange building.


Not sure why but always enjoy researching pubs, thanks for the interesting browse.


Thought worth checking for any sign of Eva at the Vine in the next census ?

1911 Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Albert Adkins Thornitt Head M 59 WINE MERCHANT HOTEL KEEPER. Sutton Under Brailes, Warwickshire
Annie Mary Jane Thornitt Wife F 51 Leamington, Warwickshire
Frederick William Thornitt Son M 23 Clerk. Banbury, Oxfordshire
Dorothy Thornitt Daughter F 16 At school. Banbury, Oxfordshire
Marjorie Annie Thornitt Daughter F 14 Banbury, Oxfordshire
Louisa Jane Johns Barmaid F 26 Single. Barmaid. Bristol, Gloucestershire
Lily Upton Servant F 24 Single. Dom servant. Great Bourton, Oxfordshire

So Lily's still there but not our Eva...

Searching again for Eva I see our search not helped by there being a few Manns caled Emily or Eva born in the area around the same time, but given the fact this record is unusual in having two forenames not just one, and as this lady was born abt 1880, I can't help but wonder if this records is our Eva ?

Surname First name(s) Mother/Spouse/Age District Vol Page
Deaths Jun 1950 (>99%)
Manns Emily E 70 F.of Dean 7b 357

Cannot find a burial PR within this FoD FH site, or any more details in GlosBMD.
Similarly altho there are a few Mann/Manns burials recorded at the FoD Council Cemetaries I cannot find this one.

There were of course some married ladies of this name when they died, so ??

That said the surname MANN is far more numerous in the records, with dozens of Emily Elizabeth MANN around the country, including two born abt 1880 in Gloucesterhire in the 1901 & 1911 Census records but later records indicate they are someone else. The Mann and Manns surname must have occasionally been mixed-up in the records.


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