1882 Eva Emily Manns (General)

by MPGriffiths @, Sunday, November 25, 2018, 16:25 (785 days ago) @ Ladies

As we have Eva Emily MANNS exact birth date i.e. 8 December 1882 from her baptisms records - have had a quick look for an Eva or Emily (without a surname) born 8 December 1882 - there are a number - which need eliminating - but so far nothing stands out!

for example: at 21 Rogers Road, Dagenham Essex

Emily E KIBBLEWHITE - Widow birth date 8 December 1882 : Unpaid Domestic Duties


The Emily E MANNS mentioned is previous reply - is possibly on the 1939 Register in Gloucestershire - birth date: 28 June 1881 - and a Widow, living in a Caravan in Lower Waltham Lane, Gloucester with Frank STEPHENS

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