Fanny Jane LANE b 1882 and Electoral registers. Help please (General)

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It seems Fanny Jane was prepared to intervene in an industrial dispute,

Gloucester Journal - Saturday 17 July 1926

Alleged Intimidation of Workers.

Tom Isaac James (50). Charles Hoare (44), and Fanny Jane Rickards, widow, all of Bream, were summoned by Inspector G. S. Williams for that they, with a view to compel John Fox and Albert J. Kear to abstain from an act which they had a legal right to do, to wit, to work as colliers, did unlawfully and without legal authority persistently follow the said John Fox and Albert J Kear about from place to place on June 22nd. They were similarly summoned in respect of two following dates. After a lengthy hearing the Chairman (Mr. W. A. Bennett) said the magistrates had had rather a difficult time. They realised that the days were critical, but at the same time they were anxious not to excite any feeling or to encourage any hostility outside the Court. They wanted to be just and at the same time generous. Defendants would be bound over in the sum of £10 to keep the peace for twelve months, and they would each have to pay two guineas costs, one of which would be reckoned solicitor's fee. Mr. Bennett added that he was a Forester himself, and he was proud of the way the miners in the district had behaved, and it was a great grief to him that the defendants should have overstepped the bounds. The police had done all in their power to preserve the peace. He hoped this case would be a warning to defendants and to all in the district. They had a good name in that district, and he hoped they would keep it.

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