1880 James Harrington Manns - Born Lancester (General)

by Ladies, Monday, December 03, 2018, 14:27 (550 days ago) @ shepway

I think you are correct. James Fisher & James Harrington Manns are one and the same person.

As was so often the case, when his mother married Charles Manns, they must have changed his name to the same.

Thank you for sorting that out. I would never have thought to check if he was born illegitimately! I am very much an amateur researcher so this forum has been a revelation to me. Found so much info that i would probably never have found on my own

Still trying to find him after 1920 when he came out of the army.

Perhaps i will look for James Fisher?? As he left his wife, perhaps he changed his name back to the original so that he could not be traced. Just a thought!

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