Rose Cottage, Whitecroft (General)

by Clements Tump @, Lowestoft, Monday, December 03, 2018, 21:01 (585 days ago) @ probinson

Good evening all
Thank you very much for all your contributions.
The Lloyds George Land Survey and map confirm what was Rose Cottage.
Reviewing 25inch OS maps (on National Library of Scotland website) for 1881, 1903 and 1922, these are quite interesting. The 1881 map has plot no 1162 with a path running across the northern boundary. By 1903 the plot has no 1369 and covered 0.612 of an acre, with the same path marking the northern boundary. In the 1922 map there is now a plot 1077 of 0.220 acre with the initials WM on the map. Not sure if this refers to William Morgan but the old northern path seems to have disappeared. This is the same plot described as Hereditament no 2203 on the map produced by Peter.
When I was there is 1967 the house seems to be surrounded by a large expanse of grass enclosed in a chain link fence. I just wonder whether my GGF had encroached Dean Forest-style onto Forestry Commission land.
The plot marked 1162 and 1369 on the OS map.
Looking on Google maps and Streetview there are now a lot of houses built within 2203 but I am sure that Rose Cottage is the white house that is second on the left in Grove Road coming from Pillowell Road. it appears to have been built of stone, bearing in mind that both William Morgan's father Enoch and grandfather Enoch were stone masons, and was possibly built by the older Enoch. Today the house has a modern covering, but it has been cut to show the long-short of the building edges and the doors and windows. The far end is a modern extension, although it still has the long-short window edges. Looking at historical images on Google Earth it was not there in the 2006 image but it, and the garage, had been completed by the time of the 2010 image. Originally the house would have had a slate roof but now appears to have one of the ubiquitous concrete tiles.
Of course it may not now be called Rose Cottage.
If there is anyone local to Whitecroft perhaps they will know and could let us know.
Many thanks again.

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