Tracing my Grandfather Henry Thomas Williams of Ross On Wye (General)

by Bootroom, Thursday, December 06, 2018, 17:55 (582 days ago) @ Bootroom

To those fine people who helped me before, apologies for the delayed reply, the postman lost the records I ordered. The mystery was that on my Grandfathers Sea Service enrolment he had listed his Mother as Next of Kin in 1914 when it had been established she was already dead in 1905. On the Sea Service record it had been hand annotated with the comment “ Mother” against the name of Esther” - I queried this with the Archivist and they responded that it was probably added after he had signed on as an assumption by a helpful clerk ( hmmm).
Now that to me means that Esther or Ester Williams was alive in 1914, and presumably still at the last Census address of 1911.

As I understand that the next census records of 1921 are not yet available, I am at a loss as to where else to look.
Any ideas ?

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