How do I change the captions under the photographs sent (General)

by rookancestrybest @, United Kingdom, Monday, December 24, 2018, 17:35 (600 days ago)

I need to change the captions under photographs sent, the one outside Coakley's in Swansea is of one of my relatives but it is not my great, great grandma and not the shop she ran. The relative is Elizabeth Agatha Gammenthaler (nee Rook born in Coleford,daughter of Joseph Rook and Elizabeth Prosser) and other female members of the family (photo page 15). Coakleys was a fish shop in Swansea and there is still such a shop in Swansea which looks very similar. I flagged this up a while ago but the message seems to have ended up in the caption being a combination of what it was before I found out and after I flagged up the amendment!

The one of Charles Rook(e) (son of Paul Rook) born 1855, taken when he had moved to Barnsley, is of him and his step-grandson, Charles Henry not his step-son. He and his wife brought up Charles Henry.

If you tell me how to do it I can amend it.

Happy Christmas to all.

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