St Briavels record ID 181854 ref EDWARDS/WILLIAMS marriage (General)

by rsligi @, Friday, January 04, 2019, 20:21 (588 days ago) @ MPGriffiths

The Richard aged 60 if in 1841 census could be my Richard born around 1774 and married to Hannah Pead. I have Hannah died in 1850 so would expect to see her recorded also. I have no living Richard around 30 in my tree as Richard and Hannah had 2 sons Richard 1796-17-96 and 1800-1802 BUT the Richard 1802 is not confirmed as died 1802 (too many Richard Williams!) so could have been the 30 year old Richard. Beware there are at least 3 lines of Williams in St B in 1700 who may have a common ancestor and several more incoming Williams from Trelleck and Newport area in later years, add that to the Williams in LLandogo and it a minefield most others have given up on!

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