Yorkley to Monmouth in 1896 (General)

by jhopkins @, Wednesday, January 23, 2019, 03:21 (123 days ago) @ Jefff

And they kept up the pace when they migrated! My great grandmother, who came to NZ in 1860, used to walk all over North Canterbury helping women give birth, and she also used to take her eggs into town for sale each week - quite a distance, through uncut bush, and perhaps (initially at least) a bit unsure of her safety with local Māori given that the Land Wars had erupted again in the North Island about the time they arrived here.

Evidently, along with most other Canterbury settlers, they walked over the Bridle Path (from the port of Lyttelton to the Christchurch settlement) carrying many of their belongings. Quite a steep trek even today. My Dad told me that great granddad carried a table and great grandma carried a chair, but I think that story is a bit dodgy - who would give priority to stupid bits of furniture when they could be carrying tools, cooking gear, and bedding??!! And who carried the massive family Bible I would like to know! Someone did because I have seen it, and it is a great log of a thing, all leather covered and brass bound.

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