John and Hannah Hall of Gorsley, Parish of Newent (General)

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I can track only one Hannah HALL with a daughter, Elizabeth, who was born c1824.

GR 1851 Census, Linton, Upper Gorsley,

Hannah HALL. Head, Wid, 66, Labourer, born Gloster, Newent
Elizabeth, Daur, Un, 26, Pauper, Gloster, Newent
George OWENS, Lodger, Un, 40, Clock Cleaner, Somerset, North Petherton

These entries, from places in the immediate neighbourhood, are possibly related :-


Baptised August 24, 1824 at Newent
Elizabeth, daughter of John and Hannah HALL
Privately baptised.

Married December 26, 1800 at Oxenhall
Witnesses John PEDLINGHAM and Mary WILLIAMS

Baptised September 23, 1781 at Newent
Hannah, daughter of John and Elizabeth PEDLINGHAM

Buried August 30, 1832 at Oxenhall
John HALL aged 57. Abode, Newent (=1775)

Baptised November 8, 1775 at Dymock
John, Son of Philip and Ann HALL

John HALL is a fairly common name and there are others in the 1851 census and later. The principal one is John HALL, schoolteacher and Baptist Minister of Gorsley, who was born in Shropshire c1806 and came to Gorsley in January 1831. He was responsible for the building of three Baptist Chapels in the area.

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