Detached Part of Newland (General)

by RogerrGriffiths @, Swindon, Friday, February 01, 2019, 17:52 (114 days ago) @ Jefff

All Saints, Newland aka the Cathedral of the Forest, included several 'chapels of ease'. Coleford, Bream (parish on it's own from 1812),Redbrook and Clearwell. A parish church was built for Clearwell 1831ish. Same for Coleford c1870's. The remains of Coleford Chapel are still there blocking up the road. Hope I haven't missed any others, but it is a long time since I was immersed in these matters.

Newland had two outstanding incumbents, Henry Douglas and George Ridout who succeeded him. Henry Douglas produced an index to the Newland Parish Registers which is in Gloucestershire CRO and there is at least one photograph of George Ridout on the internet.

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