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Oops, sorry, have only now and belatedly seen Mike Shepway's post, which offers another spelling ption I hadn't considered, HILEY.

Once again looking at the PRs shows this seems to be mainly a Monmouth and then Lydbrook name.

I do find this one HILEY record in the Freeminer database, he may be a relation ?. NB the majority of FoD miners were not registered Freeminers.

Record_Number: 3727
Forename: William Joseph
Surname: HILEY
Calculated Year of Birth: 1894
Age: 32
Day: 23
Month: Mar
Year: 1926
Residence: Upper Lydbrook
Remarks: Certificate of Birth produced
Soundex: H400

However I'm still struggling to find a birth record in any of the previously used resources for Mark Hiley born abt 1842.


Using Ancestry's free access, personal experience suggests best to use the earliest possible Census info when determining a birth year, as these things get muddied with time and even vanity on later census'. So I'd say Mark was actually born in or near Ruardean in abt 1845.

1851 Anchorberry, Lydbrook, Glos
Given Name Surname Relationship Age Estimated Birth Year Gender Birth Place

John Highley Head 52 1799 Male Waterman. N/k, Monmouthshire, Wales
Elizabeth Highley Wife 44 1807 Female Reurdean, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Highley Son 22 1829 Male Waterman. Reurdean, Gloucestershire, England
James Highley Son 16 1835 Male Waterman. Reurdean, Gloucestershire, England
Caroline Highley Daughter 11 1840 Female Scholar. English Bicknor, Gloucestershire, England
Louisa Highley Daughter 10 1841 Female Scholar. English Bicknor, Gloucestershire, England
Mark Highley Son 6 1845 Male Reurdean, Gloucestershire, England

It's very unusual to see trade of watermen, compared to say miners or woodsmen, in this side of the Forest especially in later years when the mining really took-off.

Anchorberry is nowadays known as Hangerberry - yet another case of the Vurrist dialect and literacy problems muddying things, especially for the Census officials. It's just west of Upper Lydbrook, looking over the Wye. You may find this 1879 Ordnance Survey map of interest, zoom-into the left-hand side. You can see it's not far from the Waterloo aka Arthur & Edward pit.

This web page contains some nice old images of the area, and if you click on them individually they'll enlarge to give excellent detail.


By the next Census the family has moved a few miles south to Ellwood, near Parkend and Bream which were becoming hives of industry, sadly father John seems to have had to leave the river business for work.

1861 Elwood, West Dean, Glos
Given Name Surname Relationship Age Estimated Birth Year Gender Birth City Birth County Birth Country
John Heyley Head 61 1800 Male Labourer. Monmouth Monmouthshire Wales
Elizabeth Heyley Wife 53 1808 Female East Dean Gloucestershire England
Thomas Heyley Son 33 1828 Male Labourer. East Dean Gloucestershire England
Louisa Heyley Daughter 20 1841 Female East Dean Gloucestershire England
Mark Heyley Son 17 1844 Male Coalminer. East Dean Gloucestershire England

1841 Lydbrook, near Stowfield, English Bicknor Parish, Glos.
Given Name Surname Age Estimated Birth Year Gender Birth City Birth County Birth Country
John Highley 45 1796 Male Waterman. Not born in county.
Elizabeth Highley 35 1806 Female Gloucestershire England
Thomas Highley 12 1829 Male Gloucestershire England
Isabella Highley 9 1832 Female Gloucestershire England
James Highley 7 1834 Male Gloucestershire England
Caroline Highley 2 1839 Female Gloucestershire England
Louisa Highley 3 Mo 1841 Female Gloucestershire England

Possible ?? marriage From this site's PRs;

Record_ID: 438
Entry_Number: 100
Year: 1825
Month: Dec
Day: 10
Grooms_Surname: HYLEY
Grooms_Forenames: John
Groom_Condition: Bachelor
Grooms_Residence: the Hundred of St. Briavels
Brides_Surname: COLE
Brides_Forenames: Elizabeth
Brides_Condition: Spinster
Brides_Residence: Hundred of St. Briavels
Licence_or_Banns: Banns
Signature_or_Mark: Both mark
Witness_1: Mark of Benjamin Brokshaw[?]
Witness_2: Mark of Mary Brokshaw[?]
Officiating_Minister: Cha[rle]s M. Dighton
Event: Marriage
Register_Reference: P1 IN 1/9
Page_Number: 34
Parish_Chapel: Abenhall
Soundex_Groom: H400
Soundex_Bride: C400

There are 8 more "HYLEY" PRs that may well be related to this family.


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