Building of Cinderford (East Dean) new Town Hall c1867 (General)

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I've been trying to find out who built Cinderford Town Hall, and despite not having a current subscription have been searching the BNA old newspapers site. As far as I can tell the idea was first proposed in 1867, I wonder if this was a reaction to the fact that Coleford's new Town Hall had been opened earlier that same year...

My BNA hits are as follows, I'm sure there are more to be found;

... point on Saturday last. public meeting was held on the first for the purpose considering the desirability of a proposed Town Hall and Market House. The meeting room was orowded to excess. Edwin Crawshay, Eaq. was called upon to take the chair. In the ...
Gloucester Journal: Saturday 29 June 1867

It seems the town was very keen to go ahead with the project, please if anyone has a BNA subscription perhaps they could please find this article in full, to hopefully give a clue as to the company chosen to actually build it.

Cinderford.— The following tenders were received for the erection of the Town-Hall and Market- House, Cinderford, for the East Dean Town-Hall and Market Company : Coleman (Chaxhill), 3,0002. ; Clutterbuck (Gloucester, ...
Gloucester Journal: Saturday 10 August 1867

As far as I can gather work started fairly soon afterwards, it reportedly took 2 years to build, not helped by a blaze in 1869 which apparently had to be attended by the Coleford Fire Brigade as Cinderford didn't then have it's own !. I obtained this info from the British Victoria History website, which led me to find it was indeed on the BNA archive too;

Fire Cinderford. — On Saturday night the new Town Hall, which has been in the course of construction nearly two years, was discovered soon after midnight...
Gloucester Journal: Saturday 23 January 1869

It's a struggle to find all the articles which were presumably written, especially as the phrase Town Hall is sometimes hyphenated, and "East Dean" is sometimes used instead of "Cinderford". I'm very surprised I cannot find anything about what I imagine was a grand event to mark the Hall's opening, which was presumably around June or July 1869 ??.

The new branch of the Gloucestershire Banking Company will be opened at the offices in the Townhall, Cinderford, next Monday. Tar EAST DEAN TOWNHALL AND MARKET COMPANY.— A meeting ...
Gloucestershire Chronicle: Saturday 19 June 1869

Or maybe this is the offical announcement of the opening ?

Cinderford. — The inhabitants of this rapidly rising part of the Forest of Dean have recently built a most substantial Town-hall and Market-place, to meet their growing wants. A few days since Mr. Blewett, the lessee, issued an ...
Gloucester Journal: Saturday 9 October 1869

I cannot find any more newspaper mentions until late 1869, when there are mentions of various concerts etc, plus what appears to be a regular advert stating;

THIS large and elegant Building, replete with every convenience, is the only one in the district suitable for PUBLIC MEETINGS, MATINEES, SOIREES, CONCERTS, LECTURES, BALLS, AUCTIONS, .. For terms apply to the Lessee, Thomas ...
Published: Saturday 27 November 1869 Newspaper: Gloucestershire Chronicle

So, if anyone can please help shed some more information, or perhaps find these articles in full especially anything regarding the builders, I'd be very grateful.

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