Rev George Neighbour (Photo Gallery)

by cmfenton @, Ferndown, Dorset, Sunday, February 24, 2019, 12:37 (88 days ago) @ Friendly_Neighbour

The Rev George Neighbour is on a photo in Maurice Bent's books "The Musical Tradition of Dean" and "Highest Point of Dean" (same photo in both) but unfortunately it's a photo of the Baptist Church Fife and Drum Band so you can't see very much of him! I will try to copy it and send it on but please don't expect very much.
The latter book has a section with detail of the church's history and photos of many of the ministers from the founder through into the 1980's but nothing better of Rev Neighbour so presumably nothing better was available when the book was published in 1985.

Unfortunately I do not live close to the Forest and rarely visit these days so I cannot help with a photo of the grave in the near future.

It always interests me that a number of the former ministers of the church chose to be buried there, often many years after the days of their ministry. In one case (Rev William Erskine Rankin) some 55 years after he left to join up in 1915.


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