Rev George Neighbour (Photo Gallery)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Sunday, February 24, 2019, 20:26 (88 days ago) @ Friendly_Neighbour

Hi Stuart,
thats a shame the Church didn't reply to your email, it can be difficult contacting small churches like this one as they are often only occasionally "staffed" these days, I'm sure they'd have replied if they'd received your mail. In fact I'd be surprised if they're still an active Church, their website is not.

Following Colin's advice re Maurice Bent's excellent book (I have a copy myself), I can add that as well as being a very knowledgable researcher and historian for the whole of the FoD, Maurice is especially expert on the Baptist church in his Ruardean Hill home. When he wrote the book in 1985, he states he was organist & deacon at that time, and "has served the Church for some 30 years." His book understandably gives a lot of pages towards the Church and it's past members. I am sure that Colin is right in saying that if he had a better photograph of Rev Neighbour then it would be in the book. However, that was several years ago, so it's possible he has a better photo now. Alternatively, he might be able to offer you a better quality scan from the original photo if it's his own (it looks like a postcard-sized image and not from an old newspaper - until recently he was a regular visitor to The Forester newspaper offices researching old copies). The book includs a full postal address for Maurice, which judging by recent internet articles is still his home today, I am sure if you wrote to him you could get a favourable outcome.

Good luck !


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