Travellers Rest Inn, Stowe Green, St Briavels (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Thursday, February 28, 2019, 18:16 (328 days ago) @ probinson

Suspect you know this Peter, as you seem to know the area - I'd never heard of Stowe Green !. The British History sites states

"The hamlet of Stowe had a beerhouse in 1851, (fn. 257) probably the Travellers Rest, which was so called by 1891 (fn. 258) and was still open in 1992."


The GlosPubs site doesn't have any history for the pub before 1891, perhaps because that was when it gained the name ?. No direct link possible but it's page is easily found by searching for "Stowe Green".


Heather Hurley's book "Pubs of the RFoD" states that "it opened as a beerhouse around 1850 to cater for the lime burners, quarrymen and farm labourers working in the neighbourhood". In other words, no mention of any "traveller's", or it being an Inn ie offering accommodation for them to "rest" in. The earliest "beer retailer" mentioned in the book is Charles Knight in 1879.


By the way a "beerhouse" differed from a "public house" insofar it was only permitted to sell beer, but not spirits as well. In theory neither are "inns", which also offer accommodation. Beerhouses were an attempt by the government to encourage working-class people to return to drinking beer or cider as a norm, and not gin.

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