Travellers Rest Inn, Stowe Green, St Briavels (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Friday, March 01, 2019, 15:39 (327 days ago) @ probinson

Yes indeed Peter, looking forward to hopefully learning more.

By the way, like you I tried to glean more info from the various old maps. Typical of my luck yet again I found the pub is right on the join between the largest scale maps I looked at, so needed little more effort, however this helped me find exactly which of two neighbouring buildings was the Traveller's Rest. Unfortunately these largest scale maps don't offer any more info than the others.
What is clear that as far as the Ordnance Survey was concerned, the building wasn't considered worthy of a name or description prior to 1900.

Largest scale map, first edition surveyed c1878, just shows the building but no more clues; see extreme bottom left corner.

Different (smaller) scale but essentially the same map, first edition also surveyed c1878; see dead centre.


Here are the next editions of both these series of maps, both revised c1900; now the establishment is given it's current name, and an official key ident, BH for Beerhouse. (The alternative key ident used by the O.S. is PH for Public House. There was no O.S. identifier for "Inn".

Larger scale, second edition, see bottom left corner again;

and smaller scale, see dead centre again;


The first O.S. maps from c1830 wern't such a large scale as the above, hence not so highly detailed and not showing individual buildings, so no more help to us - especially as Stowe Green is once again on the join lines and partially obscured.
eg see extreme top edge of this map, abt middle of left-hand page.

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