Swan Hill Murder? (General)

by mossup12 @, Saturday, March 02, 2019, 19:57 (175 days ago) @ Gary37

Gary, this is very strange. My great aunt lived at the laurels. May powell and her husband george who ran off after the war
She had a lodger called ernie Smith of whom i have a photo.

Now everyweek the local bobby and high up councillers and member of communitty would meet in her best room. I assumed playing poker or sometging . But my great aunts son who sadly died only few years ago thought it something far more suspicious.

He was always told be ernie and others that he had killed a man. My gr aunt moved to forest rd lydney when ernie died.
My gr aunts son used to say ernie had something to do with ira ? And was very secretive. Also that he can from ireland, so im surprised he had lived next door.

We were researching him when my gr aunts son died.

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