Albion Inn, Cinderford (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Wednesday, March 06, 2019, 19:53 (492 days ago) @ probinson

Hi Peter,
well I did wonder if was linked to Albion Road off Lower High Street Cindy, but seems not. The books I have only briefly mention it as being one of many long-lost pubs including "the Albion, Lancaster and Walnut Tree towards Cinderford Bridge".

The Glos Pubs site has a little more info, but not much, it seems it was only trading for maybe 10 years at most 1860-1870.
Search "Albion Inn" and you only have 7 pages to go thro. (I foolishly did "Albion" and found 50+, almost all in Cheltenham, oops !)

It gives the Albion's address as 99 Victoria Street, so yes not too far from the Forge Hammer at number 115, which was known as the oldest pub in town, and very busy, sadly I think it's now closed down...
The current 99 Victoria Street is a much newer building, like most of the street is.

This 1876 Trade Directory doesn't mention the Albion. (It's good to see these pages back online again after a few years off-air.)

atb J

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