Albion Inn, Cinderford (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Friday, March 08, 2019, 02:22 (492 days ago) @ probinson

Yes they were great days in so many ways, hard to believe now when I go back, which isn't very often, that Cindy was a lively prosperous town in my drinking days c1980, not that I could drink much then or even now, still enjoyed doing the rounds tho. That said I only did the Railway once as I recall it, and yes like you a lunchtime out of the Tec. I recall during a particularly thrilling lecture one day 3 of us did a list of Cinderford's pubs n clubs that were open then and were amazed to come up with over 20, the Forge Hammer being one of the best.

So why did Abingdon have so many pubs, don't recall it having too much heavy industry, or was it to satisfy the BL car workers during the 70s days of strife n strikes haha.

Good luck with the Gage Library, I'll ask around too.

ps no I also did the Railway at the end of a New Years Eve pub crawl around that same time, early 80s, can't imagine it now but we started at the Woodlands "Hotel" nitespot out on St Whites Hill then walked back into town and down to the Railway as was near a close friend's house, took in a few pubs that night for first and only time in my life, most of my drinking days were, like you, a few years later when moved to west London - albeit being led-astray by a lad who I first met at work there but was originally from Monmouth !.

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