Yer Tiz, Park Hill, Whitecroft (General)

by Mike Pinchin @, Bedford, England, Saturday, March 16, 2019, 14:38 (312 days ago) @ nathanstockill

The property is shown on this map from the Lloyd George Survey of 1909. I’m assuming it’s the one with B.S. marked in the garden. Unfortunately the hereditament number is difficult to read. It is certainly 229? and possibly 2294.

These are the properties in the area.

Number 2294

GA/D2428/1/80/2 - Hereditament Number 2294

Place: West Dean
Income tax parish: West Dean
Occupied by:

Hook, Albert (M)

People holding property:

Brinslow, Amy, St John's Row, Ruspidge (F) (owner)


Description: house & garden
Address: Whitecroft

Poor Rate
Number Size Gross Value Rateable Value
2226 10 perches £4 15s. £3 10s.

From GR 1911 Census, Whitecroft, Nr. Lydney, Glos

Albert HOOK, Head, 28, Married, Coal Miner Hewer, born Whitecroft, Glos.
Amy Elizabeth, Wife, 29, Whitecroft, Glos.
William Albert, Son, 5, Whitecroft, Glos.
Lily Elizabeth, Daur, 3, Whitecroft, Glos.

The problems are that the size of the plot looks rather smaller than I would have expected and, of course, that I may have read the number wrongly.

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