Yer Tiz, Park Hill, Whitecroft (General)

by MPGriffiths @, Saturday, March 16, 2019, 15:50 (312 days ago) @ Jefff

Had a look at the 1939 Register on Ancestry

West Dean Rd

Total of 24 pages which more of less start at Council Villas - quite a number of Council Villas at ParkHill, Whitecroft.... - not many houses listed.

The house name Yer Tiz - isn't listed - and don't know what Yer Tiz is next to??

Been trying to trace this through burial records etc on Forest of Dean record

Elton MORSE was buried 7 December 1940 - of Parkhill

and can see him on the 1939 Register

Some house names listed as Oakleigh, Oakdean etc -

Can see who lived there from 2003-2009 (Electoral Register on Ancestry)

So it was Yer Tiz, at this time.

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