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Apparently they are still living together in 1965 in Stroud Road, Gloucester. Which contradicts the notice of his death in 1964. Maybe the poll books didn't get updated.

Here's the full notice from the Birmingham Daily Post - Monday 07 December 1964

Dr. Leslie Batten Currie Trotter. of Stroud Road, Gloucester, a well-known member of a medical family in the Forest of Dean, and for many years in practice at Ledbury, left £40,548 (£40,432 net). Duty of £11,329 has been paid. His bequests included "all my collection of dried mosses in their cabinets together with the cabinets" to the National Museum of Wales. The Herbarium, Cardiff: £1,000 to the Linnean Society and "the original work by Professor Joseph Else and myself entitled Histology of British Mosses contained in two large deed boxes: £l,000 to the British Bryological Society and "my bryological literature and library to be disposed of to members of the society or retained by the society as the executive of the society thinks best." £500 to Dr. Barnardo's Homes.


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