Edith Pritchard (General)

by Mike Pinchin @, Bedford, England, Friday, April 19, 2019, 10:51 (413 days ago) @ sherriebaby63

Following up the idea that Edith could have been illegitimate, (all from this site),

Record_ID: 133523
Year: 1888
Month: Feb
Day: 6
Parents_Surname: PRITCHARD
Child_Forenames: Edith
Fathers_Forenames: [not stated]
Mothers_Forenames: Leah
Residence: Harry Hill
Occupation: [not stated]
Officiating_Minister: William Barker Vicar
Event: Baptism
Memoranda: P[rivately?]
Register_Reference: PFC109 IN 1/4
Page_Number: 193
Parish_Chapel: Drybrook

A possible sibling,

Record ID 133441
Entry Number
Year 1886
Month Nov
Day 6
Parents Surname PRITCHARD
Child Forenames Esther Maria
Fathers Forenames [not stated]
Mothers Forenames Leah
Mothers Surname
Residence Harry Hill
Occupation [not stated]
Officiating Minister William Barker Vicar
Event Baptism
Memoranda P[rivately?]
Register Reference PFC109 IN 1/4
Page Number 183
Parish Chapel Drybrook

A later marriage?

Record ID 49583
Entry Number 92
Year 1903
Month Dec
Day 25
Grooms Surname BANNISTER
Grooms Forenames Charles
Grooms Age 45
Groom Condition Widower
Grooms Occupation Mason
Grooms Residence Steam Mills
Grooms Fathers Surname Malsom
Grooms Fathers Forenames George
Grooms Fathers Occupation deceased
Brides Surname PRITCHARD
Brides Forenames Leah
Brides Age 37
Brides Condition Spinster
Brides Occupation [not stated]
Brides Residence Harry Hill
Brides Fathers Surname Pritchard
Brides Fathers Forenames David
Brides Fathers Occupation Collier
Licence or Banns Banns
Date of Banns [not stated]
Signature or Mark both mark
Witness 1 Mark of John F Whittington
Witness 2 Mark of Eliza Ann Whittington
Other Witnesses
Officiating Minister James Lawton Vicar
Event Marriage
Register Reference P109 IN 1/9
Page Number 46
Parish Chapel Drybrook

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