Hill house, Monmouth (General)

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? who was the Informant and their occupation on the death certificate -

Searching for deaths at Hill House, Monmouth - there are 12 listed between 1920 and 1930 on the Forest of Dean records.

On Ancestry Probate

Thomas Milson TOWNSEND was living at Bridewell, Christchurch near Coleford, Gloucestershire died 8 April 1923 at Monmouth.
Administration Gloucester 23 May to Mary Eliza Townsend, Widow. Effects: ..........

This was my Grandfather, on the death certificate it says the following:-

Eighth April 1923
Hill House,
then two initials which are not easy to see but maybe MD

Thomas Milsom Townsend.


46 Years

of Bridewell, Christchurch
Coleford Road

a collier

pneumonia (unresolved)

Sydney Potter causing the body to be buried

Eleveneth April 1923

signed M.J. Farmer registrar.

This is all it says and I want to know what was Hill House

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