Tom TAYLOR born Alvington abt 1873 (General)

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On the net :

Berkeley's Kellys Directory 1863

COUPLAND Hannah (Miss) Ladies School

It does state in the introduction....
'There are a free school and a British school supported chiefly by voluntary contributions'

+ PASKETT Julia (Miss) Ladies' School

PUBLIC SCHOOL FREE : Rev John Seton-Karr MA Master : William George, Second Master

Thanks - interesting. Wonder what a British school is? Will have to Google it.

There is a Public Members Tree on Ancestry re Hannah COUPLAND the Headmistress at Salter Street, 1881 census - Berkeley

This is the census entry that I found as it had Eliza Ann Taylor as a scholar there along with Tom Taylor.

1841 census, High Street, Berkeley, with Hannah (Schoolmistress) and Louisa - aged 10 + a couple of students

Louisa was there as Headmistress on the 1851 census, Salter Street, Berkeley

1861 census again in Berkeley, this time the High Street, Louisa - along with her mother: Hannah COPLAND - aged 62, Schoolmistress born Glos. Hinton - along with 3 students.

Seems like a very select school with so few scholars!

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