Emily Fox Trapnell & children => New Zealand too c1909 ? (General)

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While searching Kenneth Trapnell I found another record which MAY help explain how this thread's originator Sarah is in New Zealand.

Kenneth Trapnell
New Zealand, Archives New Zealand, Passenger Lists
Name Kenneth Trapnell
Event Type Immigration
Event Date 03 Nov 1909
Event Place Wellington (other ports also listed), New Zealand
Gender Male
Nationality England
Shipping Company Shaw, Savill & Albion Co Ltd
Departure Place London
Ship Name Ionic
Arrival Place Wellington (other ports also listed)

This person is definitely "our" Kenneth, as the passenger list image has him with "housewife" Emily and sister Elfrida, but no sign of Frederick. It shows the Ionic left London bound for New York USA, and that the family were contracted to "land" at Wellington, New Zealand, as indeed were most of the other passengers (except for one landing at Cape Town). I wonder if this means the ship's route was effectively around the world; London - Cape Town S.A. - New Zealand - then across the Pacific to New York via the Panama Canal ??

So what were Emily Trapnell's intentions as to their final destination ?? Had she left Frederick ?.

I should have read this earlier haha;

The SS Ionic was launched at Harland and Wolff (of Titanic fame) in Belfast in 1902. She was originally built to carry passengers and refrigerated meat between the United Kingdom and New Zealand, and began her maiden voyage from London to Wellington via Cape Town on 16 January 1903. Ionic was the first ship on the New Zealand route to be fitted with a Marconi wireless set.
taken from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Ionic_(1902)


I've tried to find evidence that Frederick Trapnell visited New Zealand at some point, but none found yet.

Earlier we noted Frederick's contact in the USA was his brother Ed M Trapnell.
A quick search of the UK Census finds this record from North Bristol which clarifies. No doubt there are more records but I suspect Sarah already has these;

1891 Hazleton Rd, Horfield, Barton Regis, Gloucestershire
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Frederick M W Malpas Head M 32 Professor Of Music. Lincolnshire, England
Harriette Malpas Wife F 45 Wiltshire, England
Frederick P Trapnell Stepson M 12 Scholar. Gloucestershire, England
Joseph S Trapnell Stepson M 10 Gloucestershire, England
Edward Mc Lean Trapnell Stepson M 9 Gloucestershire, England
Francis H M Stephens Stepdaughter F 18 Ireland
Florence Spencer Niece F 13 Surrey, England
Alice K Sullivan Servant F 13 Bristol, England
Thomas Foley Adopted Son M 13 England

I'm sure Sarah already has these records, but for completeness here's another that popped-up, which helpfully gives Frederick's father's name;

Name Frederick Pearce Trapnell
Event Type Marriage
Event Date 08 Dec 1900
Event Place Clifton, Christchurch, Gloucestershire, England
Spouse's Gender Female
Marital Status Single
Father's Name Joseph Pearce Trapnell
Spouse's Name Emily Fox
Spouse's Marital Status Single
Spouse's Father's Name Benjamin Fox


FamilySearch etc will undoubtedly have records of Edward's own emigration to the USA.

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