Richard & Sarah Loveridge (General)

by nimrod, Sunday, May 12, 2019, 14:07 (210 days ago) @ Loveridge

This wonderful web site contains most of their information and I have enjoyed sorting out this family. Richard and Sarah Rowls were married at Bromesberrow in 1770. R. was a cutter. I've found 10 children baptized at Pauntley although Hester and William were baptized twice. Why I don't know. The first time when their address is De Castle (Farm?), Dymock and the second time at Pauntley when their address is Pauntley Court. I've found 10 baptisms altogether. After Hester's marriage to William Bellamy in 1800 I have found no further records of the family in Pauntley.

Richard and Sarah were buried just over a month of each other at Churcham. (Why Churcham? By this time they were not of Gloucestershire.) They died of typhus as did William Bellamy.

Google 'John Bellamy of Gloucestershire - Gls Local History Society - excellent article (2008)by Steven Blake. There is also mortgage lease and release to John and his mother, Esther.


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