Broadmead Terrace Ross on Wye. (General)

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1861 Census, Ross District 5

Page 1:

'In making this Summary, for EACH Parish or Township, write on one line the Number of Schedules, of Houses, and of their Inamtes, on another line the Number of Persons who were in Barns, Sheds, or the like, in Tents, or in the open air, within the same Parish or Townships. etc etc '

Pages of Book : 27
Parish or Township, or parts thereof : Parish of Ross Parish

Number of Schedules, of Houses, and of Persons therein: 129
Inhabited: 127
Uninhabited : 4

etc etc

Glos BMD and FreeBMD

TREEN Joseph Rhyder - Mother's maiden name: PIKE 1871
Cheltenham 66 218

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