Normansland, Moorehouse and Woodend in Dymock (General)

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Going back to Customary messuage called le Woodings all. Woodend, als Sheyles

Having a quick look again at the National Archives and searching Sheyles, Dymock

There are a number of hits which include

Will of Thomas SHEYLE - Gentleman, Dymock - dated 21 May 1667

Prerogative Court of Canterbury (Ancestry - should have this Will) -


one dated 22 September 1580 - Held at Worcestershire Archives and Archaelogy Service

Bond from Thomas Sheyle of Dymocke (Dymock) Gloucs yoman to Thomas PHELPOTTES etc


Checking quickly with Men in Armour 1608 for Dymock

there is

Richard SHEILE - labourer A20 - lower stature
John SHEILE of Calowey yeoman - A 40 tallest stature ***


British History on Line / Dymock

has information on the Shayles, Gamage Hall... etc.


Using the Soundex for SHAYLE - Dymock - there are many early variations of the surname

The burial of Thomas SHAYLE (Gent) dated 12 April 1667 - buried at Dymock

residence: De Callow

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