Thomas Whitcombe - Maltster - Father of James Whitcombe (General)

by OnTheRoad @, Australia, Sunday, June 09, 2019, 20:59 (361 days ago)

On this site, I have found a marriage certificate for James Whitcombe and Anne Watkins, married in Walford on 8 July 1850; also the birth of their son William Frederick Whitcombe on 18 Sept. 1850 in Monmouth.

The father of James is shown as Thomas Whitcombe, a Maltster, and James' occupation is Brewer on both certificates. I am hoping someone can help me to locate more information about Thomas Whitcombe (birth / marriage / death) and maybe census records. So far I have been unable to locate relevant records on this or other genealogy sites.

It would also be helpful if there were records associated with occupation - Brewer and / or Maltster. Any advice /suggestions will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.


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