Moses Brain (c1811-1887) (General)

by rodders @, Monday, June 17, 2019, 23:39 (348 days ago)

I am trying to establish if the Cornelius Brain (c1804-1869) of Trafalgar Colliery fame is related to my Great Grandfather (x4) Moses Brain (c1811-1887). Both men were baptised at Ruardean Congregational Church, and the Brain family seem to have close ties with this church, but to date I cannot find any documented evidence that there is a family connection (or not) and was hoping someone could assist me.

Moses Brain was the son of John Brain and Elizabeth Brain (nee Knight), he was baptised at Ruardean Congregational Church on 28 November 1811. Moses parents John Brain and Elizabeth Knight married on 5 December 1810 at Ruardean. Moses known siblings, also baptised at Ruardean Congregational Church were Ann 1814, James 1816 and John 1818. Moses died at the age of 75 and was buried at Ruardean Congregational Church on 8 May 1887. Mary Ann Brain, the wife of Moses died at the age of 75 on 22 August 1885, and is also buried at the Congregational Church.

Moses son James Brain (c1841-1924) married Eliza Hale (1844-1924), and the couple ran the Bush Inn (aka Mason’s Arms) at Hawsley, Joys Green. James’ obituary records that for many years he was an official at Trafalgar Colliery. Did he hold this position because of nepotism, ability or both?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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