Alec Hopson, miner 1930s, but where ?? (General)

by sherriebaby63 @, Monday, June 24, 2019, 11:27 (167 days ago) @ Jefff

Thanks Jefff
Alec was my paternal Grandfather, he played for Ruspidge Corinthians football team ( of which I have a couple of photos ) Yes he died quite young, 56/57 I think, he died from stomach cancer but my Dad always believed he " Had" something on the lungs " from working down the pit, my Dad said that when he himself wanted to "go down the pit" to work Alec told him "over my dead body no son of mine is going down the there" I already know all the information posted on here except the post from the newspaper about the court appearance in Cheltenham which was an eye opener, still it's always great to have people take the time to try & help you out
Thanks again

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