c 1888 - BMD local Registration system queries ??? (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Sunday, June 30, 2019, 15:13 (483 days ago) @ probinson

Peter I THINK would have been local, perhaps Newland as that's where Coleford's first Workhouse had been, and in later years the Workhouses usually housed the "admin office" too such as at Westbury.

I used to assume that each area/parish within a registration district had it's own "admin office", so as per the following list that would be Coleford, but again that's just my guess...

I've often had queries regarding the registration process, insofar and as you've mentioned, despite there being "rules" I'm not sure they were often adhered to, or anyone penalised for not adhering to the rules.

A major query of mine is this - I know it was the Registrar's responsiblity for "recording the event", but who's responsibility was it to make the Registrar aware the event had occurred ?. For a birth, was it the parents, or doctors, or the church ministers ?. I think the parents BUT have never seen it written down as such.

I also don't know for sure whether folk HAD to register at their local office, as dictated by the Registration District they lived in ? I think not but ???.

It seems that the situation was clearer and (in theory) better-enforced after 1875, which included this birth, but ??.

This is a bit of a slog to read but does help show the problems of the registration system in Victorian times.

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