James MAYWELL - Charlotte HOOPER Family Bible (General)

by Mike Pinchin @, Bedford, England, Thursday, July 04, 2019, 13:36 (371 days ago)

I have just revisited an old Bible I have on my shelves. I acquired it so long ago that I cannot remember where or when. I guess it was at a jumble sale or the suchlike in Newent. It is in a somewhat distressed condition but all the text is there.It retains a pressed flower, and a scrap of fabric as a bookmark.

On the first page of Genesis is written “Charlotte HOOPER 1846”. I imagine this was the date she was given the bible.

Before the New Testament is written,

James MAYWELL born August 28th 1829
Charlotte HOOPER born February 8th 1834
Married September 19th 1857
Mary Jane MAYWELL born October 11th 1858
William MAYWELL born September 5th 1865, Died May 24th 1866

This is some of their history.

GR 1861 Census,Sherborne, Glos.

James MAYWELL, Head, Mar, 31, Carpenter, Glos. Sherborne
Charlotte, Wife, Mar, 27, Glos, Sherborne
Mary J, Daur, 2, Glos, Sherborne

GR 1871 Census, Sherborne, Glos

James MAYWELL, Head, Mar, 41, Carpenter, Gloster, Sherborne
Charlotte, Wife, Mar, 37, Gloster, Sherborne
Mary Jane, Daur, 12, Scholar, Gloster,Sherborne

GR 1881 Census, Newent, Bran Green

James MAYWELL, Head, Mar, 51, Carpenter, Gloster, Sherborne
Charlotte, Wife, Mar, 47, Dress Maker, Gloster, Sherborne
Jane, Daur, 22, Un, Gloveress, Gloster, Sherborne

GR 1891 Census, Peters Grove, Bran Green, Newent

James MAYWELL, Head, M, 61, Carpenter, Gloucestershire, Sherborne
Charlotte, Wife, M, 57, Dressmaker, Gloucestershire, Sherborne

Glos BMD

James MAYWELL died 1900, aged 70, Gloucester, Newent
Charlotte MAYWELL died 1896, aged 60, Gloucester, Newent

This may account for the relocation from Sherborne to Bran Green (modern Brand Green),

BNA Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard – Saturday 14 March 1874,

………. On the application of Mr James Hodges, agent to Lord Sherborne, a warrant was granted to eject James Maywell from a cottage at Sherborne………..

This seems to be their parentage,

GR 1841 Census, Sherborne, Glos. All born in county.

Jane HOOPER, 35, Sawyer’s Wife
Mary, 15
George, 9
Elizabeth, 11
Charlotte, 7
William, 4
Hannah, 2
Martha, 3m
Thomas, 13

GR 1841 Census, Sherborne, Glos. All born in county.

William MAYWELL, 50, Carpenter
Alice, 50
Harriett, 14
James, 11
William, 8
John, 50, Ag. Lab.

GR 1851 Census, Sherborne, Glos.

William MAYWELL, Head, M, 63, Carpenter, Glos, Sherborne
Alice, Wife, M, 60, Glos, Buckland
Harriett, Daur, U, 24, Glos, Sherborne
James, Son, U, 21, Farm Labourer, Glos, Sherborne
William, Son, U, 18, Farm Lab, Glos, Sherborne

I have no connexion with this family and, rather than it languishing on my shelves for more years, I am posting this in the faint hope I can find a more appropriate home for it with someone who does have connexions.

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