Ida Gwynne, photographer, Edwardian Gloucester (General)

by macast @, North Yorkshire, England, Sunday, July 14, 2019, 12:21 (318 days ago) @ Jefff

thank you Jefff

sorry for the late replay but I've been away for a few days.

I've found Ida's photographer father David in the 1906 Kelly's Directory, at 59 Church Street, Tewksbury. (although he was long dead by then.... as in Mike Pichin's reply to me regarding The Gloucester Citizen in 1902..... and in the same reply Mike found that all the household furniture and effects were removed from 59 Church Street, Tewksbury in January 1905)

Clement, one of her younger brothers, is to be found in 1916 and 1922 in Cambridgeshire at two different addresses as a photographer.

and David, another younger brother a photographer in 1923 in Dorsetshire.

but no sign of Ida who was clearly at Lipton Chambers in Gloucester after the 1911 census (our clear old family postcard photograph has been professionally dated to being 1914 to 1919 which has her address on the back).

it seems that, for now, Ida will remain a mystery.

I have to say that she isn't family at all.... she just took a photograph in my partner Mike's parent's effects..... and it is a mystery as to who the young men are. perhaps we will never know.... as the professional dating of the photo meant that they weren't the people who I'd thought they were.

thanks again

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