Mary/Thomas BAYLIS house in the Plump. (General)

by Debwolt ⌂ @, Sunday, July 28, 2019, 19:06 (304 days ago)

My sister and I will be visiting the Forest in two weeks. Looking for the home/land that Mary and her first husband Thomas Baylis lived on in the Plump.

Mary was born Mary Ann Baynham In Herefordshire In 1814. On Christmas Day, 1832, Mary married Thomas Baylis at Hope Mansell. Thomas Baylis died in 1862. In 1867, at St. John’s church in Cinderford, Mary married widower William Phelps, a neighbor in the Plump (according to the census, he lived on Hazel Hill). In 1892, William Phelps was buried in Drybrook with his first wife Sophia. Mary Ann Baynham Baylis Phelps died later than William Phelps, in 1897, and Mary is buried with her first husband Thomas Baylis in Abenhall, along with several children of theirs, who died very young.

Mary and Thomas Baylis’s son Henry “Harry” is my great grandfather, he was a stone mason , as was his ather. I have reason to suspect that Mary Baylis and William Phelps lived in Mary and Thomas Baylis’s house, instead of her moving into William Phelps house, but that might not be the case. I would love to walk the lanes along both of the Baylis and the Phelps properties, and, if possible, identify the homes where they might have lived.

In the 1861 Census, Thomas Baylis was on the Plump, but more specifically “Westbury Brook nr. Fair Play Green”. ??? This is all I have to go on...

Hoping to narrow down 1. Where they lived. 2. Where within the cemetery they are buried.

Kind regards, Deb

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