Hiram BAYLIS 1840-72. “My Uncle died a Hero. (General)

by Debwolt ⌂ @, Sunday, July 28, 2019, 19:45 (207 days ago)

When I was a teen, my grandpa George Donald Bayliss told me that his father's brother, his uncle, “died a hero,” in Gloucestershire, England, after a mine explosion. “Uncle Hiram rushed in to save his fallen Buddy” and was “struck dead by bad air", as Grandpa said.

I was told this story in 1970, and always wondered about it. Then, I found your website and read the news story of the four Men dying in the Plump Mine In 1872. How extraordinary to get more details and confirmation of this verbal history which was passed down to me. The news story surprised me a bit, because it did not clarify which miners initially fell, and who rushed in to save them. But, I know from our verbal family history, that one of the miners, Hiram Baylis, rushed in to save his buddy, and he died trying to save the life of his friend.

Looking for any additional information on Hiram. I believe he is buried in Drybrook, how can I locate his grave/gravestone? Thank you, Kind regards, Deb

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