Hiram BAYLIS 1840-72. “My Uncle died a Hero. (General)

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Past Contribution from Slowhands - 12 July 2008

1872 4 Men die in An Explosion

Died from asphyxia from gas resulting from an explosion used in blasting a rock which deceased incautiously approached

No deaths were recorded officially at this quarry, but four deaths did occur following a spectacular explosion in 1872.

Several men rushed into the quarry after the firing and were overcome by fumes.

Four men died, they were:

Thomas GOODE of Mitcheldean
Hiram BAYLIS and John GRIFFITHS, both of the Plump,
and William TOMLIN of Cinderford.

The old link, says someone found the grave of Hiram years ago - which was followed on by another Contributor saying the headstone removed after a clean up.


Chris W - also added the burials

William TOMLIN - 19 June 1872 at Cinderford St John aged 61

Memoranda: one of four suffocated at the Hastings Plump Hill June 17th.

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