Hiram BAYLIS 1840-72. “My Uncle died a Hero. (General)

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His headstone was indeed one of those removed in the late 1970's to clear space for additional burials. Many are now lost to view having been used as paving stones and wall copings, or taken off site. Others were placed against the boundary walls, but when the walls were repointed in the 1980's they were stacked in various piles.

Mr. Julian Rawes of Cheltenham recorded the memorial inscriptions in the 1980's and published the results of his survey in 1989. The grave memorial of Hiram Baylis was in existence then but had been cut down apparently for repurposing. The Rawes recording of the memorial inscription reads:-

Possible headstone - cut top and bottom with only the middle remaining.

Hira............ / who was killed in the / Stone Quarry at Plump Hill. / June 17th 1872 aged 33 years. / Also of / Elizabeth Bayliss. / who died April 20th 1869 / aged 23 years. / In the midst of life we are [in death.]

The grave memorial listed in order before that of Hiram Baylis and the two after were recorded as being used as wall copings but that description was not given in the recording for Hiram Baylis's, although it would seem that is what it may have been used for.

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