Mary/Thomas BAYLIS house in the Plump. (General)

by Debwolt ⌂ @, Monday, July 29, 2019, 19:14 (303 days ago) @ probinson

What a great map, I spent hours working the overlays though the various time frames.

What am I looking for? Specifically, a parcel number that might identify a particular building, or the land on which it stood, belonging to Thomas Baylis or Mary Ann née Baynham Baylis Phelps.

Initially I thought that the property Thomas/Mary Baylis lived on would be located on Dockins Hill Way, which would have been easy, walk or drive the public street, view the homes, without being intrusive... Hazel Hill is further away, a dead end road, but that might be where William/Mary Phelps lived? if We add in Westbury Brook, that takes us to a whole different area, Horsepool Bottom? Would that be the area along Jubilee Road, or does Westbury Brook curl around ?Green Farm and go all the way up to Fair Play Green? Would this area be accessed through the Rocks?

I notice parcel numbers, for example in the 710-714 around Hazel Hill, Is there a directory of owners in the late 1800’s that would correspond? Getting it narrowed down to a specific street or lane would be lovely, a specific parcel, even better. Thomas Baylis was a stone mason who built cottages, so we will be glad to just generally enjoy the local cottages and architecture on the Plump, as well.

Sorry for being so muddled, I haven’t a clue...

Thank you! And thank you MP.Griffiths. Kind regards, Deb. Postscript, sent GeoffgWatkin a note, thank you.

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