Scowles early 20th century question (General)

by keepthemusic, Sunday, August 04, 2019, 20:02 (196 days ago)

Hello- my parents live in the White House, Scowles, and recently a lady came along the Burial Path and got talking to my mum, and mentioned that she remembered that in the early 20th century at some point (I think she said 20s or 30s) a young maid to the actress living in the house at the time drowned in the well in the garden of the house.

This is a very interesting story, however I have seen conflicting information- one source says there were never any wells in the Scowles at all- but on the other hand one of our elderly neighbours says she remembers the location of the well!

I just wonder if anyone out there may know anything about this- we know very little about the history of the house and it would be brilliant if someone could share any stories about it,either related to this or otherwise.

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