Scowles early 20th century question (General)

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This bears at least a resemblance to the event.

BNA Cheltenham Chronicle - Saturday 23 May 1925

Young Woman's Body Found In Reservoir.
A distressing tragedy occurred near Coleford on Tuesday evening, the body of Miss Grace Dowle (24), daughter of Mr. Martin Dowle, a quarryman of Palmer's Flat near Coleford, being found in a reservoir. For the past three years the deceased had acted as companion-help to Miss Phyllis Coghlan, of Windy Ridge, The Scowles, near Coleford. Miss Coghlan had been absent from, home during the evening, and on her return missed the girl. She was not disconcerted by this until she discovered a note in deceased's handwriting, which so alarmed her that she immediately hurried to Coleford and acquainted Dr. Battle with the contents. The doctor motored to the Scowles and as a result of his investigations discovered the body of the missing girl in the reservoir in the court adjacent to the house. The reservoir is seven feet deep, seven feet long, and four feet wide, and the aperture at the top is quite a small one. With assistance, Dr. Battle recovered the body, and the local police were informed.

There certainly was an actress of that era called Phyllis Coghlan. She was born in Australia in 1895 and died in America in 1980. An actress of the same name was active in England during at least the first part of the twentieth century and got a few mentions in the newspapers of the time. However, I can’t find anything to confirm it’s the same person or anything to link her to the Forest.

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