Lavinia White? (General)

by heatherblockley @, Leicester, Thursday, August 29, 2019, 09:48 (183 days ago)


My family (on my fathers side) originate from Joyford Monmouthshire and I have requested information before regarding my grandma Grace White which you gave me some really useful information.

This time I am looking for a lady called Lavinia (White)? whose husband was Allen and children Robert, Jenny, Freddie and Allen. Lavinia I believe came from the Joyford area and would have been born somewhere between 1915 - 1925. It is possible that she spent some time in Rye Sussex as I have a letter that was posted from Rye to my grandma's address.

I have found a Lavinia White born 1915 but cannot verify her husband and children having the above mentioned names. My father as a child knew a Lavinia but I do not not how they were related and he was born in 1924 so I'm guessing the age difference was not great. Also unsure if this is the same Lavinia.

I know that this is very sketchy but would appreciate any information however small regarding Lavinia and her children.

Kind regards

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