The Manse, Ruardean. (General)

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Have checked with

Llloyd George Survey of Land Values: Gloucestershire

The Manse, Ruardean (GA/D2428/1/49,26)

GA/D2428/1/49 - Hereditament Number 26

Place: Ruardean

Income tax parish: Guardian

Occupied by: HIGH, L, W

People Holding property:

Chapel Trustees (trustee)


Description: house & garden

Address: The Manse, Ruardean

Poor Rate:


Burial at Ruardean : 26 May 1932

Lawrence William HIGH aged 64, residence: Ruardean, Woodside


Size: 20 perches
Gross Value: £7 15s
Rateable Value : £7

Should be on the maps on the website

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