Abinghall/Abenhall (General)

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Looking at the original records on Ancestry births/marriages/deaths etc

1596 onwards ) Abenhall is hand-written

1762 onwards Abbenhall is hand-written

1804 onwards Abinghall

Searching the National Archives -

John de ABBENHALL (ABINGHALL) Gloucester dated 8 July 1316 to 7 July 1317

? Not sure who he is


Dated 1200 held at Gloucestershire Archives

Gift for 10 shillings (i) Sir Ralph de Abehale

Dean of Mitcheldean. Gift for 10 shillings (i) Sir Ralph de Abenhall etc one piece of land in town of Dene (Mitcheldean)


Checking with the Gloucestershire Records Office for Wills - the earlier ones list Abenhall - and around early 1800 Abinghall.


Various websites

Reginald de Abenhall, Knight died 1341

The "de Abenhall" family, while originally from Abenhall, were tenants of a moiety of the manor of Dene. etc etc.


Old maps on this website

Glocester to Monmouth 1720 - written as Aben Hall

Gloucestershire West 1787 - Abenhall

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