Miners at Lightmoor Colliery (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Sunday, September 29, 2019, 23:29 (361 days ago) @ JaneyH

Hi Janey,
I've just clicked on your blue username hyperlink on the forum and it tells me you've posted 67 times since joining the forum in early 2014, I say this as you may not realise you can do this. It then lists all your posts within the various threads. At first glance none of the post titles suggests talk of places of employment, but it could well be hidden within the text of a reply. I'm wondering if you've looked thro them all in a methodical way to hopefully find the post or posts you recall ?. I say this as I know sometimes the forum's search engine doesn't immediately find things I think it should find, so this method may be more effective. I know you've already done this, but I just tried searching things like "Bowdler Lightmoor" and so on but without any luck so far.

You mention the names in the 1901 census. Are these the people you believe were at Lightmoor ?. Certainly given their living in Littledean area yes they MIGHT have been at Lightmoor, but it's far from certain. And yes sadly employment records are sparse !

Presumably the 1911 census records for these same names don't add any more information ?.

One possible link to a named pit would be if they were mentioned in the old newspapers, have you searched them on the BNA site, I think I recall searching a little for you in one of your earliest posts ?
That said, I cannot now find any combined mentions of Bowdler and Lightmoor in any BNA articles ????

atb J

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