Miners at Lightmoor Colliery (General)

by JaneyH @, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Saturday, October 05, 2019, 12:02 (356 days ago) @ Jefff

Hi jefff,

Sorry for not replying until now but I only seem to find time for research at the weekend, never in the evenings these days.

I did a comprehensive review of all my old posts plus various searches before starting this post. It was very much a last-ditch attempt to find something, just in case anyone recalled it.

I hadn't thought about looking on BNA, however. This did yield one article using a Bowdler/Lightmoor combination. This showed that (Edwin) Charles Bowdler gave evidence at an inquest into the death of a collier which occurred at Lightmoor in 1915. So this links my family to this particular mine, but not my great-grandfather speecifically.

In passing, I also picked up an article from 1943 noting that my great-great grandmother Sarah-Jane Bowdler (nee Edwards) was a nonogenarian - so that was a useful by-product!

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