Hale/Dressler Marriage- Help Needed. (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Monday, October 07, 2019, 04:14 (352 days ago) @ kiwigirl

Hi, welcome to the forum,
I'm afraid I must be quick as it's 4am here in the UK !.

Please can you help clarify a few points ?.
Ive looked on FamilySearch and despite seeing some New York shipping records for Arthur Ernest Dressler born abt 1878 who may be your man, that's all they seem to have at first glance...

I've searched for "Elizabeth" and "Bessie" Hale/ Haile/ etc in this FoD site's PRs, but without luck so far. Similarly cannot find her for certain on FamilySearch etc, especially in the East Dean district census records and such like with father Henry.
I'm also struggling to find them (Eliza and Henry) in this forum's prior threads.


The only record I can find which matches yours is her Birth Record in GlosBMD;

Child Surname Child Forename Mother's Former Name Year District Office Register Entry
HALE Elizabeth CRITCHLEY 1874 Forest of Dean Westbury on Severn, Newnham 38 130

You mention 1892 Census. Is this a typo and you mean the 1891 UK Census, or is this abroad ?.

You mention the photo with her children on. Do you know their approximate birthdates ?
Asking as trying to get a better idea where she was when they were born

Have you studied the Hale Family Website for clues ?. My quick look doesn't seem to help regarding "Dressler".... it does however include 50 ! mentions of "Elizabeth Hale" s in the FoD area alone - you probably know that Hale is not a rare surname in these parts.



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